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About Algo Trading MT4

Algo Trading software allows you to automate your trading in a very cost-effective way. You get a real-time data feed from the major markets like NSE, NFO, MCX, FOREX, NYMEX, etc. Our charting feature allows the traders to get a better insight regarding the changes happening in the market. Algo Trading software can enable traders to do technical analysis in better ways. Our software provides the live rates of the major markets by using some of the major indicators.

We provide all types of charts which can enable you to get the perfect insight into the market. The auto-buy/sell signal indicators help you to buy and sell the stocks as per your choice. MetaTrader 4 software provides a vast number of features that can meet your requirements for share trading.

MT4 Software

Advantages of Algo Trading software:

1.  Minimize the Risk

Trading in stocks is vulnerable to huge losses due to the volatile nature of the market. However, this app will help the traders to automate the trading as per their convenience through which they can minimize the risk. It helps to prevent more losses in the stock.

2. Removes emotional factor

Many of the share traders buy and sell as per their emotional feeling which has led to a loss on several occasions. The automated software here enables us to remove the human emotional factor. Instead, buying and selling are done as and when the rules are met.

3. Speed up the activities

The ability to program the activities in the software has enabled the share trader to carry their activities in a much quicker way. All the market conditions changes are reflected through the software and all the activities are done as per the program. A lot of time is saved for doing complex calculations while buying and selling the stocks. The share traders just have to set the criteria as per their strategy and the buying or selling activity is done accordingly. These quicker actions help to do a particular action immediately without any further changes in the market.

4. Backtesting

Backtesting allows you to test the previous scenario with your historical data. Here, the share trader can test their probability and possibility of success as per your strategy and rules. It will help the share traders tremendously in minimizing the loss and earn more.

5. Monitors the market

Although, an experienced share trader will have a good glimpse of the market, where they can analyze and predict the market. However, the software can enable us to monitor and give a future glimpse of the market changes. Apart from this, the ability to monitor two or markets in which human efforts may fall short will be very useful for the share traders.

6. Maximizes the consistency

In manual trading, share traders face a lot of inconsistency when the markets are crumbling and their strategies are not giving any results. Here, automated software can pre-set the required rules which improve the consistency to a much level. It helps to gain more profits from share trading.

7. Improved Reports

The reporting features of the automated software for share trading helps to get an overall view of the activities done. It highlights the strategies which have helped to gain your profit and ones which have worked adversely. It also gives a good insight into the market.

The ability of automated software for share trading has gained popularity all over. It has made the decision-making a lot easier for the share traders. Algo Trading automates software that offers better service with its wide range of features. It encourages the share trader to automate the strategies by including different variables and MetaTrader 4 Software India is determined to meet all the requirements of the share traders profitably.

Features of Algo Trading MT4 Software

1. Single Click Trade

Trading activities involve multiple clicks, with multiple forms of filling activities. With the Algo Trading  app, you can easily do many of the activities in trading with a single click. It helps to complete the different activities in trading in a short time interval.

2. Algo strategy development

The traders usually have certain strategies and plans which they implement with their immense experience. With Algo Strategy development, the traders can automate their strategies in a very impactful way.

3. Automation – No Emotions

There is always an emotional factor in trading which may lead to a bigger loss. Here, the traders tend to wait for a longer duration with the hope that things will improve for one or multiple stocks. However, waiting for emotional thinking can lead to further loss. Here, one can put a check on further loss and automate the emotion.

4. Data Feed of major markets

All the updates regarding the updates of the market are easily available in the software. It makes it easier for the share trader to look at the stock prices at one single platform.

5. Markets and Instruments

Algo Trading support different markets and instruments to implement a wide range of strategies in trading. Some of the available instruments include Forex, Equities, Futures, Indices, Options, Rates, etc. Our real-time FX conversion support multi-currency to a very large extent.

6. Executing Algo and managing the order

The execution algorithm available allows you to execute a wide range of order types more efficiently. Some of the notable order types are stop, limit, stop limit, trailing, market, etc. The execution algorithm here allows you to minimize the market visibility and get better execution prices easily. The transactions here can be recorded manually making it very simpler to perform activities for the share trader.

7. Function management

There are many of the business functions offered by the Algo Trading software. These functions allow many of the aspects like reconcile trade, current position, redemptions, etc. Forex hedging for the different currencies is done very effectively. Apart from that, Algo Trading offers a wide range of the business function.

All these important features of this software have simply enabled the share trader to do their share trading activities in much-organized ways. Implementing the important strategies through this software has been very helpful for the share traders. It will be interesting to look at some of the advantages of the Algo Trading software for share trading. This is an addition on Trading Platform MetaTrader 4 video tutorials.


Most frequent questions and answers

How To start automatic trading

Auto trading is an algorithmic trading performed by the software to trade in your trading account, on behalf of your trading strategy. Simple you can decide a strategy in which you want to trade and we will help you to automate your strategy with our robotic tools.

What Are Required Things For Anglo Trading

MT4 is the first and the main thing which is required to start algo trading. MT4 generates signals for entry and exit in the selected stock or commodity. Second required thing is the robot bridge which get signals from MT4 and make algo trading possible to your trading account. Third is your strategy, it is also very important because it only decides the profitablity of your trades.

How Do I Get A Robot Trading Tools

Getting robot trading tool is very simple and quick. Buy a Subscription from our buy page and pay the amount. We will call within 2 hours and install the tools in your computer and will give full user-manual about the product and functions.

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